A message from Mrs. Green.

Educational Philosophy Statement
Jacqueline L. Green     
The instruction of our young is one of the most important things that I can do, as an educator, that will help them grow and develop into productive and successful adults, but the most important thing that I can do for them is show them the love of God.  I, also, want to nurture their love for Him and for others, to teach them to think, and teach them how serve God. The calling to be an educator of His children was certainly divine because the thought of being a teacher never even entered my mind.  If it were not for Him, and the doors that opened and brought me to where I am today, I would never be in this role and have the wonderful opportunity of working with these precious and beautiful children of the God.  I view each child as a precious gift given by God.  They are here for us to love, nurture, and prepare for the kingdom of God.  This is a huge responsibility that I do not take lightly. 
I believe that, I not only should be dedicated to the task of teaching students how to become productive adults, but also how to “live in Christ” and “for Christ” in today’s world. I believe that emphasis should be placed on self-discipline and self-respect as well as respect for God, authority, and others.  I believe that teachers should strive to solve their own classroom discipline problems in their own manner, using their own methods, which may include time-outs, behavior contracts, parental phone calls and conferences, writing of papers, and behavior incentives.  I, also, want to provide for my students a safe and loving classroom by expecting good communication, respect, stability, and kindness from everyone. 
I, also believe that it is important that I not only teach my students about God, but that I continue to learn and develop my own relationship with Him.  I believe that I should improve myself professionally and personally so that I can cultivate and nurture responsibility, motivation, and inspired determination. 
I believe that the Bible should be the foundation of our curriculum.  It should be incorporated into every subject area and students learn that the Bible is so much more than just a book of Bible texts, but the inspired word of God that we can use in everything we do. The curriculum is a very important part of education.  At all levels is should reflect the philosophy and objectives of Seventh-day Adventist education and it should incorporate an awareness of the principles of human growth and development, encouraging, guiding, and sustaining the students as they seek to understand themselves, to relate to their fellow human beings, and to their Creator. 
My teaching methods are based on my professional knowledge and skills in classroom management, instructional planning, and methods of goal setting.  I expect that students should have strong educational academics that are gained through technology, cooperative learning, outdoor education, service based projects, and other high academic learning.  I plan to use commitment and motivation to help students become self-motivated and committed to their own success as students.  I, also, plan on using the Jesus model of teaching in all that I do.  I want to make learning fun and interesting for students.  I want to teach the students to become self-motivated and make efforts to learn on their own, but most of all I want to help students develop a genuine love for God.
When students leave my classroom I want them to take with them a love for God and a desire to become all that they can be.  I want them to stand strong, never giving in to worldly desires, but always striving to be the best that they can be for God and their mission here on this earth by using the education and knowledge that has been given to them that will enable them to help others and be successful in their service for Him